Sietch Tabor

To accept a little death is worse than death itself. - Chani

Hey what's up I'm Thufie.

Here is a list of adjectives and words which describe me:

I use Parabola on my X200 and I run various versions of Arch or Debian pretty much everywhere else. My first language is English, but I do understand some Russian, Spanish, and Israeli Hebrew. I know haskell, scala, C++. C, Java, MIPS, and a bit of whatever langauge the project I'm hacking on at the moment is using. More about me is available on my contact page. - thufie

Learn about Anarchist Shinmin Prefecture (Korean People's Association in Manchuria)

Wikipedia doesn't have a map of the territory, but I do here! Also check out this short historical summary. Fun history trivia :)

Also: Don't worry, my blog posts are backed up (for the most part) here.

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