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NOTE: AS OF 2018 all links to the installgentoo wiki have been archived in the wayback machine due to inconsistent uptime issues and volatile hosting on their end. I encourage checking yourself to see if updated versions of those pages are available.

What is Cyberpunk?

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Lainchan is dead. (as well as any imageboard which isn't a psyop, honeypot, or cancerous hellhole)

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Hardware Considerations - Laptops

All intel processors newer than 2008 contain vulnerabilities and backdoors.

Intel ME and AMD PSP are both proprietary attack-vectors and in ME's case a confirmed corporate/government backdoor.

If you are really paranoid, use computers with processors from before 2008 and avoid computers with UEFI since that is extremely bloated, vulnerable, and also possibly backdoored.

If you insist on a modern processor and computer look into projects like Libreboot, Coreboot, NERF, and me_cleaner, read up, and carefully consider your options. At the very least order a computer which already has intel_me disabled or allows it to be disabled.

At the moment the safest choice would just be ordering a librebooted Thinkpad X200 or T400 and running an FSF-certified linux distribution.

If you are only severely concerned about intel ME check out this page to see the current status of the me_cleaner project. Purism now ships laptops with intel me neutered or partially removed and system76 is working towards getting rid of intel ME on their laptops as well.

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Penetration Testing

Reverse Engineering

This is an up-to-date and extended clone of with quite a few edits, but also retaining most of the original gist. The original page was made by Seph and Thufie shortly after first came into being (now called arisuchan or something). This version is now maintained solely by Thufie. No ill will towards Seph, I just wanted to host a personalized mirror. I also maintain a more personalized collection of links which may or may not be considered "cyberpunk" at on the start page for personal use which is also worth a look. If you are reading this Seph, it was a pleasure.

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