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EDIT: You may want to use this now: Anna's Archive'

Here are a list of online libraries and other resources to check when looking for an ebook sorted into categories:

Easy Libraries:

Hidden Libraries:

Restricted Libraries:

Restricted Hidden Libraries:


Ebook Liberation:

Here is a list of various tools which can be used to liberate a proprietary ebook of various forms. You need a copy, so go ahead and buy it, then release it on one of the above sites and pass on the favor.

Share Your Newly Liberated Work!

If you find yourself in a position to be behind a paywall as a result of employment or enrollment, or used one of the liberation tools above to free a work that was previously not publicly available, please share what you have managed to successfully de-corporatify! Here is a list with different categories of genres of content you may have newfound access to and where I would recommend uploading them to ensure everyone in the future has access. Generally uploading to one of the library genesis mirrors will ensure it propogates forever, but if you want to make sure upload it somewhere else too (after making sure it didn't mirror automatically). Make sure to respect the rules of any site you upload to by carefully reviewing their instructions as well as carefully review every option in the uploader since you usually cannot edit the entry you uploaded afterwards. If you are uploading an academic resource not on scihub I recommend Library Genesis nonfiction.

Be aware that uploading to any one of these resources over clearet (not using Tor, a proxy, or a VPN) is detectable and can get you in trouble with your ISP or your local network administrator. Upload securely and anonymously for your own safety. At the moment there is not any evidence I am aware of which points to publishers using stenography to identify who dowloaded or accessed liberated works, but in the future as digital media goes the way of the printer and the phone camera I may need to update this with a tool to strip any hidden tracking data in liberated files before uploading.

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